Is It Time For A Video Revolution?

We live in an interesting time. Unlike even 10 years ago, we carry around video cameras in our pocket that rival what some professionals use. Cinematography is no longer only for the professional film makers, now anyone can shoot and produce a video with relative ease.

With the rise of video options, some people might argue that there is no point in paying for professional video services. Are they right? Should we be whole heartedly embracing the video revolution?

Raw is Hip

Shooting raw video from an iPhone or Android is definitely a smart thing to do. Whether it be Vine, Periscope or Facebook Live, it seems like everyone is jumping on the video bandwagon. Though not at the same level of professionalism as what cinematographers would provide, raw video provides an intimate, unfiltered window into your company or life. Utilizing Facebook Live or Periscope in a marketing strategy can help build trust in your brand. Unlike a decade ago where the average consumer didn’t know how companies operated behind the scenes, now through live, raw video people get to glimpse behind the curtain and see how your company or brand  really operates when ‘no one is looking’.

Professionalism Speaks Volumes

To contrast, professional videos can speak volumes about the quality of your brand. The more professional and well put together your video advertisements are, the more stablished and excellent your brand is perceived. Putting excellence as your top priority can transform your business in the publics eye from a two-bit operation to a well respected organization. This can build trust in your brand, and help drives sales.

So Who’s Right?

The short answer is, both these approaches are correct and complement each other. Using raw video to showcase your companies culture, while using professional video to advertise and promote your services is an excellent marketing strategy that can help build trust among your consumers. While neglecting one of these approaches won’t spell disaster for your brand, it could mean lost revenue when consumers gravitate to other companies who are successfully marketing themselves.

This week, I’d like to challenge you to sit down for an hour and craft a plan to start using raw video in your marketing strategy. Make sure you are using professional videos to push your services, and brainstorm on a strategy of synergy between them both. Make an effort to stick to your plan for a minimum of 6 weeks and see how your engagement changes. At the end of the 6 weeks, evaluate your strategy, change it as needed and continue utilizing both raw and professional video as you market your company.

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