Four Keys to Effective Teamwork

Congratulations! You’re moving your business ahead in the world and building a great team! At least that is the plan. The biggest hurdle to success is crafting an effective team. Everyone has tragic tales of brilliant ideas unintentionally sabotaged by grandstanding, miscommunication, and other team problems. How do you deflect failure and lead a team to success?

Here are four keys to team leadership.

1. There must be a clear leader.

There has to be someone who is casting the vision for the group, someone who is heavily invested in the team, who will motivate others toward the same goal. There can only be one such leader, all other project or committee leaders will look to this person for guidance. Small hint – if this is your company, this person is you.

2. There must be consistent, frequent, and clear communication.

The word ‘communication’ gets thrown around a lot in teamwork and leadership blogs, but it boils down to everyone being on the same page. Every team member knows what they need to do, and knows what else is getting done. Problems must be communicated quickly to prevent projects from being derailed.

3. Everyone must have clear and defined goals.

Every person should know their daily tasks and be able to accomplish them without further instructions. Clear goals for projects keeps everyone working efficiently and prevents doubling up on work or other parts being forgotten.

4. The team must be unified toward a mutual goal.

Set quantitative goals to measure the success of the team. Instead of one lofty goal, set a series of attainable goals that build on each other. Set an overall goal or mission so that the team is working toward it 100%, instead of personal interests or goals interfering with the success of the team.

How does your team stack up? Don’t give into chaos. Also, don’t expect your team to be working together flawlessly from the beginning. Take time to train yourself and your team to communicate and work together. Success starts with a variety of people with different backgrounds working together for a mutual goal.

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