Summit Ridge Studios is a Video and Marketing Studio in Lee’s Summit. We specialize in video production, marketing and graphic design. We use emerging technologies to develop strategies designed to help businesses succeed in the marketplace.


Four Keys to Effective Teamwork

Congratulations! You’re moving your business ahead in the world and building a great team! At least that is the plan. The biggest hurdle to success is crafting an effective team. Everyone has tragic tales of brilliant ideas unintentionally sabotaged by grandstanding, miscommunication, and other team problems. How do you deflect failure and lead a team […]

One Simple Trick to Increase Your Website Engagement

Maybe this is you… you’ve spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars redesigning and building a brand new website. Everything looks amazing, it has great visuals, and every page gleams with a modern flair. Now that it’s launched, you sit back and wait for the hoards of people to start visiting, sharing, and reading about […]

What To Do When You Fail

Are you going to fail? Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes. Regardless of your business or marketing prowess, everyone can expect a time of failure in their life. Not everything will go as planned, and there will be setbacks. So when you fail, and again you will, how you respond to the failure is crucial to […]

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